Ballycullen was known to all the fresh introductions to the region amid the building blast of the mid 1970s as Ballycullen Farm. Ballycullen Farms today work from Dunshaughlin yet amid their opportunity here before the Urban Spread their ranch was outstanding to every one of the occupants, basically in view of the exquisite Brooks family who oversaw it.

There was a long twisting path from Ballycullen Road to the house and the weeds were kept around the steady string of feet from GAA, Community Center, Scouts, Summer Project, Soccer and each other association searching for sponsorship for occasions being held by all the new activities that began with the new advancements. Ballycullen Farms are presently gone however their liberality and help that was continually inevitable from Mr Brooks will dependably be recollected. Ballycullen is served by Dublin Bus highways 15, 49 and 65b